~ Wedding Photos ~ 

     Charles and I are Blessed to have several Friends and Family members who love photography! We were both so grateful to have had Charles' brother Monty, our Uncle Rick, and Dear Friend Amber all taking professional photos for us throughout our wedding events. Thank you, Amber, Monty, and Uncle Rick! :-)
     In addition, we also had several other Dear Friends (like our Aunt Gloria, Charles' Sister Jenny, Micah, and Ethan) who took photos (and some video clips). Since Charles and I really appreciate photos and the memories they represent, it really means a lot to have so many wonderful pictures taken from the creative eyes of each individual photographer present. Every photographer has their own unique outlook on life and that uniqueness shows up in the way he or she captures moments on camera. Charles and I marvel at how each photographer present at our wedding events captured some of these unique and precious moments - caught only through lens of his or her perspective. 

     Below is a link to a YouTube video slideshow that contain several of each photographer's pictures:

    Notes:  These photos were all taken in High Definition. For those who have low internet speeds, it may be necessary to adjust the definition settings on YouTube to a higher level so as not to have blurry photos. 
                For those who prefer to watch the video in its larger and original format for visual or technical reasons, clicking on the highlighted link below will open up the presentation in YouTube.

*Wedding Day Album ~ Gloria and Charles

0:01 - wedding preparations/bachelor and bachelorette parties
2:50 - wedding rehearsal
5:32 - rehearsal dinner
8:37 - Wedding day preparations/photos
18:00 - Wedding events
21:10 - Wedding ceremony & BBQ celebration

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