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Pregnancy Update:  19 weeks...

   Hi! Today, I am 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Exciting news: I'm finally getting a small baby bump! :-)

    Morning sickness is easing up some, which has been a Blessing. Charles and I are caught a stomach flu last week and were pretty sick for a few days. Both of us have recovered from the stomach flu....and now have caught head colds. Hopefully, we will recover from the head colds quickly.

    I have been trying my best to eat more often and in larger quantities in the hope of gaining some much needed weight for the growing baby. Last week, Charles got off work and drove all the way to a store 15 miles away just to purchase some gluten/dairy/sugar free ice cream to bring home as a surprise treat! On our honeymoon, we found a brand (the only brand so far) of ice cream which I can actually have. It turns out that there is one grocery store in our county that also carries the brand; the Ginger Cookie flavor is especially good! :-)

    I have an ultrasound coming up soon. I'm especially looking forward to it, because Charles will be coming. It will be his first time seeing the baby live on the ultrasound screen. Last Tuesday, I felt three small kicks from the baby! I have since felt more little flutters of baby kicks a few times this past week, and I greatly look forward to when the kicks are frequent and strong enough that Charles can feel them, too. :-)

    I'm off to blow my nose and make another cup of honey and lemon tea.

I hope that you have a very Blessed day!

 ~ Gloria Joy

Pregnancy Update: 14 weeks...

    Yesterday (December 16th), I had an ultra sound.  Praise The Lord, everything is looking good. I have had some unexplained pains over the past few weeks, which requires I rest a lot, but we are relieved to have confirmation that the baby is in the womb, and this is not a tubal pregnancy. Lord willing, the remainder of the pregnancy will go smoothly and the pains (and morning sickness) will begin to ease. Charles and I realize more and more each day what a miracle it is I am pregnant that this new little life is growing inside me. We are so Blessed!

    The Baby's current due date is June 19th, 2017, though we all know how Baby's don't usually arrive on the exact date we choose. :-)

   My body has been requiring a lot of sleep and rest as of late. I have been experiencing very low amounts of energy, but I have been trying to eat as much as able despite morning/day/night sickness. I'm very Blessed to have such a wonderful Husband and Family members who do their best to take care of me and remind me to eat in this current season. As of yet, I do not have a noticeable baby bump. I have a feeling I may be a bit similar to Mom, in that my baby bump might not "pop" until I'm around 7 months pregnant. :-)

Please keep us in prayer. We need it!

    Gloria and Charles (and Baby, too! :-)

The Lord is Good.

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