Thursday, May 24, 2018

Trip to Western Washington for Cousin Amie's 2018 Graduation!

In April, we headed over to the the west side of Washington and attended Cousin Amie's Graduation Ceremony. 
It was a wonderful trip spent with Family - we had a lovely time together!

We started off the weekend trip by giving Grandma and Grandpa Flanagan a large wrapped box to reveal the gender of our new Baby....They had no idea what was inside the box or that we had even found out the Baby's gender, so it was quite the surprise.

(To see our recent blog post announcing the Baby's gender, click Here)


The box contained a balloon that said "It's a Girl!"
- What a wonderful Surprise! :-)

The next morning (Saturday), we attended Cousin Amy's Graduation.
 Amy Graduated with her Masters Degree in Business (Healthcare Management)!

* Cousin Amie *
After the graduation, Family and Friends met up at a restaurant for a fun time of celebration and fellowship. It was mine (Gloria) and Nathanael's first time meeting Amie and her Husband, Charlie. It was so nice to finally meet in person! :-)

* Charlie and Amie *

Nathanael met his Great Granny Cline for the first time!

* Great Granny Cline, and Nathanael *

Nathanael being loved on by Grandpa Flanagan... 

More pics with Granny...

 Our table at the restaurant was set up around two large grills. The chefs came over and prepared our meals on the grills right in front of us. It was a fun and unique experience. The food was quite delicious, too! :-)

Good job, Amie! We are all so proud of you! <3 


On Sunday afternoon, we went out to eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant with Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa) Flanagan. We took some pictures at Mom and Dad's before heading over to the restaurant. Nathanael was not in the mood to take pictures with us; he didn't find the bright sunshine particularly enjoyable at the time. Despite his reluctance to look at the camera, the pictures still turned out nice. :-)

It was a lovely trip; one that passed by much too quickly....We hope to see everyone again, soon!

Gloria...and Charles, Nathanael, and Baby Girl. :-) 

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