Friday, May 26, 2017

Recently... Some Events Which Occurred between Late March and Early April.

    In late March, Mom Fast, Bethany, Teresa, Sarah, and I all went on our annual Girl's trip. We stayed three nights in Spokane, and had a lovely time relaxing together.

     Charles' last concert of the season was in early April. Our Dear Friend Caleb joined us for the day and treated us out to lunch in between rehearsal and the performance. Mom and Dad Fast also came to the concert. :-) Mom and Dad snapped a few photos of Charles and I. Unfortunately, we forgot to take some pictures together while Charles was still in his tux. He still looks dashingly handsome without a tux, though! :-) After the concert, Mom and Dad went out to dinner, and Charles, Caleb, and I went to the movies and watched "Boss Baby." I do not have words to describe that movie. :-)



     Charles also received a hair cut in early April. He certainly was happy to loose all that hair! I do so love his curls, and wondered what Charles would look like if he let his hair grow out. Though he much prefers his hair short, Charles decided to grow it to his shoulders for me - just once (He is The Best!). But with the summer heat quickly approaching, I was starting to feel sorry for him and, though I know that he would have grown it longer for me, I just couldn't make him do so. Besides, I still think it was pretty sweet that he grew it out for me in the first place. Needless to say, Charles was more than thrilled that I decided to cut it! :-)  Oh.....and, he kindly left several selfies on my phone while I was in the midst of giving him the hair cut. :-D

      Directly after his haircut, Charles took me out to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We enjoyed a lovely drive through some of our favorite mountain roads, and walked around a bit at a nearby park. Charles stopped along The Way home and bought Coffee for him and Honey tea for me. We also stopped at the Fast house so we could give Dad Fast a hug and show him the scenic pictures we took of our adventures (Charles is a wonderful photographer; all the really good pictures are his! :-). We completed the lovely day together cuddled up on the couch with a movie before bed.


Also in early April, we had a very windy night, during which the ice on the lake shifted. We were quite surprised to wake up the next morning and find out that the ice had actually came up onto the shore in quite an interesting pattern. It almost looked like lots and lots of children's building blocks piled up! It was quite a beautiful and unique sight. 

    I spent much of late March and early April going to Spokane for Dr's appointments. Below are some pictures from around that time. The Baby was doing well, and my blood pressure levels weren't as low as they normally are, so I felt pretty good and had a bit more energy. Except for a few odd episodes with my heart every now and then, I actually felt pretty good for most of April and the first week of May. It was a wonderful Blessing to be able to participate in activities with Family and Friends.

So much happened in April. In order to give the events from Mid - April until late May justice, I will write about them in the next post. 

I hope that you have a lovely evening! 

Gloria Joy

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  1. Wow!!! When we saw the finished job on Charles' hair, mum didn't even recognize him! LoL ;) Also very clever baby bump pic- it's hilarious! �� -The Doughty Girls