Friday, May 26, 2017

No matter how small or insignificant I might feel...God Is Using Me Right Where I Am.

     I wrote the post below based off what I was going through several weeks ago. I was quite discouraged at the time, and The Lord uplifted my Spirit in a surprising way. I didn't originally plan for the words below to be a blog post; it was more of a way for me to write my thoughts down and converse with The Lord. But upon further consideration, I felt that the words might be encouraging to others if they were shared. :-)    

    Today, a post from a blogger named Jennifer Lee reached my inbox. The Lord knew that post contained a message I needed to hear/read. Jennifer's post discussed a Friend of hers who is a school janitor, and who had recently compared herself to others with the statement, "I'm just a janitor, and not a famous writer." Jennifer explained how this was not so; that indeed, God greatly uses the janitor just as much as he uses famous writers or singers or those who have what we humans esteem as "important" jobs. The Lord considers the work of the janitor very important!
   I agree with an important point Jennifer made; using the phrase"just a” to detrimentally describe oneself is neither healthy, nor pleasing to The Lord. While some people do use the word"just" as a sincerely humble statement or reference to themselves, I believe many (such as myself) also end up taking that humbleness and use or inadvertently convert it to a detrimental or self-depreciating word or phrase. As it applies to myself, I would like to expound further on this topic - but with a slightly different twist than mentioned in Jennifer's post.

     As someone with chronic illness, the"just a" phrase is sometimes something I feel becomes embedded into my daily thoughts and can even start to become part of who I tell myself I'm not living up to. It can easily become a way to devalue the worth that God has placed upon me as His Precious Daughter, and rob the Joy that comes from acknowledging the the Blessings God has given me and continues to give me. Maybe all I could do was one load of laundry today. - But, that load of laundry is now completed! And, God gave me the strength to do it. I'm not "just a wife who can't do much." I'm a wife. A wife who is pure and precious in God's eyes (and in My Husband's eyes, too). A wife who is Blessed beyond measure....simply because she is a wife.

    Maybe I'm not writing books, completing intricate crafts and gifts for loved ones, or even able to communicate with Dear Friends and Family as much as I desire. And, maybe some of my many desires and dreams - ones which I know God gave to me - to help people with special needs and spend time with the elderly aren't or don't seem to be happening or fulfilled due to my lack of energy and current health issues. But even still, God can still use me; yes, even me. He is using me. And, He has called me. Called me to live for Him and serve Him today; in the everyday moments, challenges, and activities.

    It might not seem an extraordinary chore, but that load of clean laundry just Blessed my Husband. Sure, it might be the one and only chore or activity I completed today. But, it is now done. God Blessed me with The Strength; His Strength to complete it. Rather than constantly wishing I could have more energy to do more, I need to thank The Lord for giving me the energy I do have. And, I need to Thank Him, for the ministry and calling He has given me as a Wife, and now also as a new Mother. :-) Rather than carrying around the heavy burden that comes from having the mentality of being "just a wife," who barely completed "just" one load of laundry today, I choose to acknowledge and believe that I'm a wife who is loved and Precious, and to rejoice in the fact that a load of laundry was done today! :-)

    I pray that each of those who read this, will thank The Lord for today, and realize the calling God has given you and the Blessing you are. You are not just a teacher, or just a maid, just a Mom, or just a cook. You are not just a Dad, just someone with health issues, or just a student, just a single girl/guy, or just a Brother or Sister. You are Precious and Beloved in God's eyes. You are His. No matter who you are or what you do, you are precious and priceless in His eyes. He loves you. He desires you.
    And, in whatever you set your hand to do today (whether it be rest, play, or work), know that God is using you and giving you the Strength you need for this new day. No matter how ordinary you think you are; you make a difference. I encourage you to rejoice as you complete the simple and seemly mundane tasks (or task) of the day; rejoice in the wonderful knowledge that God is using you right where you are! :-)

    May you experience Jesus' Perfect Peace as you enjoy where and what He has called you to today.

         Gloria Joy

"The Lord is my Strength and my Shield; my Heart Trusts in Him, and I am helped.
 Therefore, my heart greatly Rejoices, and with my Song will I Praise Him." 

"I can do All things through Christ Jesus who Strengthens me."

                                                       ~ (Psalm 28:7, Philippians 4:13)

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  1. May the Lord continue to remind you of this lesson learned as you serve him day to day, especially when times get rough! Great thoughts!!