Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A New Season in Life...Events from Mid April to Current (Late May)

A lot has happened during the past few weeks!
               In mid April, we celebrated Mom Fast's Birthday with dinner at the Fast house.

     Also in mid April, Mom and Dad Flanagan came to visit and stayed with Charles and I for 10 days! It was a special time of fellowship. Time flew by quickly; we were sad to see Mom and Dad leave and miss them very much. We are greatly looking forward to the next time we see them! Below are some pictures from a few of the many activities shared while spending time with Mom and Dad.

  Several interesting things occurred surrounding the time of Mom and Dad's visit, and The Lord has brought about many great and mighty things. For multiple reasons, Charles and I moved out of the cottage we were staying in at the end of April. We are temporarily staying with our Dear Friend, Caleb for a couple months until the new place we are hoping to move into is ready. Caleb stayed with us when he first moved here. We never guessed that he would be returning the favor only a few months later! Lord willing, Charles and I will be moving into a new home around mid July (more details on that will be coming in the future). We could use a lot of prayer during this new season in life. We are deeply grateful for the help, prayers, love and support we have received from our Family and Friends during this eventful time. Moving can be a stressful process - we can only imagine how much more so it would be without all of our loving Family and Friends. The Lord has truly Blessed (and is Blessing us).

    Meanwhile, the Baby is doing well and is growing rapidly. Those kicks and fist bumps can really pack a punch! We have been busy preparing for Baby's arrival. I am packing a diaper bag with a few things for the Baby during the hospital stay. It is pretty much packed - I just need to put some Baby clothes in it. This next week, I will work on packing mine (and Charles') hospital bag(s). Starting in early June, I will be staying in Spokane in order to be closer to the Hospital and high risk maternity team. Mom Fast and Josh will be staying with me until mid June. Charles will come and stay from mid to late June.

    I had about five weeks from April until the first week in May, in which I had a bit more energy than normal. It was wonderful to be able to participate in more activities of daily life, and spend time with Family and Friends. It was also a huge Blessing during our recent move.
Below are some pictures taken during those five weeks. :-)

The Baby bump shortly before we moved:

Some pics of a little farm that Josh and I made out of dominoes: 

Bethany snapped this photo of  Charles and I during a Church service:

Spring Arrived!

Sarah Elizabeth received her Driver's License! She is an excellent driver and we are so proud of her!

A vintage fair which we attended with some Dear Friends and their Son:

I have had to make several trips to Spokane during the past few weeks. We are so grateful for all those who have so graciously driven me to appointments!

An impromptu campfire with Caleb and the Fast Siblings under the full moon:

     Unfortunately, I have been quite under the weather during the past three weeks, due to low blood pressure and increased symptoms from my heart condition. These symptoms are requiring that I rest quite a bit and greatly limiting activities of daily living. I could use a lot of prayer. But, Praise The Lord, the Baby seems to be doing great. The anticipation to meet him or her is growing more each day, though it still feels quite surreal to both Charles and I that soon we will have a Baby to hold in our arms. We look forward to getting to know the Baby's individual personality as it grows up. At 37 weeks pregnant, Baby could come at anytime! :-)

      Last Thursday, Bethany had the day off work, which was a pleasant surprise. She came over and we shared dinner and watched a movie together. It was a special time to relax and spend time together as Sisters.

   Charles has been working hard on overtime hours during the past few weeks. We really enjoyed the three day weekend he received over Memorial Day. I especially enjoyed spending extra time with him.  After lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, we on a long drive, spending most all of Saturday exploring some new areas. On Sunday afternoon, we also attended the last Second Strings rehearsal of the season. The evening of Memorial Day, we enjoyed a Family BBQ at a nearby Park.

 There were several spawning Carp in a river that we drove by. Bethany and I had been to this particular spot on the river years ago, while we were taking an ornithology class in college. We had never seen so many fish so close to the surface of a river before, and often talk about the experience. Last weekend was a bit late in the season to see Carp spawning in this particular spot, but I was delighted they were still there so Charles could see them, too! We enjoyed the unique and up-close look at so many large sized Carp! Charles was even able to touch a couple of them!

Memorial Day BBQ:

Charles and Teresa enjoying a friendly foot race:

My Handsome Sweetheart:

Sarah and Teresa swimming:

Waiting for the grill to warm up...

This is the same park that Charles and I were married at. We have had quite a bit of flooding this year, and the entire peninsula area where the ceremony took place is completely underwater at the moment! We are so glad it didn't flood last year! :-) 

A special thank you to Sarah for taking all of the below pictures:

 They are trying to make little heart shapes with their fingers...

     To close out the events of this month (May), all of the Fast siblings happened to be all in one place, and off work at the same time (a rare event these days, with everyone's schedules)! We just had to get a group selfie to remember the special occasion. :-)  The six of us had dinner and watched a movie together at Caleb's place (he and Charles are out at work tonight). 

     I hope that you all have had a lovely month and are enjoying the beginnings of summer. I definitely prefer cooler weather, but do look forward to some of the future events this summer (like a camping trip next week, and the Baby arriving soon!). 

        Gloria Joy