Monday, March 20, 2017

Update and pictures! :-)

Some events which have occurred during the past few weeks: 

     In early February, Mom Fast, and Mark and Josh (my Brothers), and I traveled together to Spokane for one of my OB appointments. The drive to Spokane was great - the roads on the were fairly dry. However, it started snowing quite heavily after we reached Spokane. We attempted to drive home, but after a few miles out of town, the weather conditions  were so severe, we ended up having to turn back.

     Due to the bad weather conditions, we spent two nights in the Spokane area. We were Blessed to find a nice, reasonably priced hotel that had wonderful service and clean rooms with breathable air (lack of strong cleaning scents). Though frustrating to be stuck in Spokane, it was nice that the hotel was located  near several markets/grocery stores where we could find food and a few needed toiletries. We even went swimming in the hotel's pool; an activity which Mark and Josh especially enjoyed! Thankfully, there was a break on the weather in the morning of day three, and we made it over the pass safely. All of us were quite glad and relieved to be home! Charles and I greatly missed each other - it was quite a joyful reunion to be together again!  Mom and I also came back with a renewed gratefulness for our small town and the quietness of life in the country.

     The Good news from the OB appointment that week: Our Baby's heartbeat was strong, and it's growth in my uterus was in the normal size range, Praise The Lord! :-)

A picture taken on the drive home from Spokane:

      In mid February, Charles performed in an Okanagan Valley Orchestra and Chorus (OVAC) concert. He played viola for this concert. Bethany, Teresa, Sarah and Charles also played in the Second Strings performance held during the OVOC concert's intermission time. It was an enjoyable time. My favorite song that Second Strings played was probably Beethoven's "Sonata Pathetique," and my favorite song during the OVAC concert was the very last one; when both the orchestra and chorus joined together singing and playing "The Hills Are Alive" from the Sound of Music. After the orchestra had played through the piece a couple times, the chorus entered both sides of the auditorium, singing as they walked down the stairs. As the last phrases of the piece were completed, the audience was completely surrounded by the beautiful acoustics of voices and instruments combined. :-)

The Orchestra
                                                                                                                                                        Charles standing in his tux on the right      

Second Strings Group

    In Mid March (last weekend), Charles, Bethany, Teresa and Sarah played in a Second Strings guest appearance at a nearby music recital. Since the recital's theme was Sonatas, they played "Sonata Pathetique" by Beethoven. It was a fun and enjoyable performance and recital. Afterwards, all of us (except for Teresa - she had a meeting to attend) gathered at Dairy Queen for dinner and ice cream. :-)

Right to left: Sarah, Bethany, Teresa, and Charles

    Also in mid March, I had several more Dr's appointments for Baby. I have been having some weakness and a few concerning symptoms/episodes related to my heart condition, but Baby is doing great. I have also gained a total of 13 pounds during the pregnancy so far, which is wonderful! Hopefully, I will gain about 20 more pounds before Baby is born! :-)
     Below are some pictures of Mom Fast from one of our March trips to Spokane. In the first picture, we are at Golden Corral. In the second picture, grocery shopping on the way home. :-)

    Last Friday (March 17th), Charles and I enjoyed going to a movie and spending an evening with some friends. :-)

    Last week, I had another OB appointment and ultrasound. The Baby is healthy and looking good. Charles is convinced it has my chin. :-) The ultrasound technician said the baby has quite a bit of hair on its head. I'm hoping that means that Baby will have his Daddy's head of curls!!! :-) As the days and weeks go by, I find myself growing more and more excited about the thought of being able to hold Baby in our arms in only a couple more months. It seems so surreal and brings me such joy to think that, yes, I'm actually a Mommy. Charles is a Daddy. And, we have a miracle Baby! The Lord is so Good! :-)

 Picture of Baby's head and hands...

Baby's feet - its toes are sooo cute! :-)

Head and hands...

Head and hands and part of his or her feet...
Baby was curled up in a ball during the entire ultrasound!

 We are amazed at how much Baby has developed during the past six weeks. He or she is now around 14 inches long and weighs about a pound and a half. Baby seems to really like kicking and fist bumping Mommy ~ especially at night! My stomach often bulges out a bit when the Baby kicks and fist bumps. 

     I pray that you have a very Blessed day! Thank you so much for your prayers ~ they are Much needed and appreciated. :-)

              Gloria Joy... (and Charles and Baby, too! :-)