Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ultrasound pictures!

    Hi! Below is a slideshow video of our recent ultrasound pictures of the Baby from 8 weeks to 20 weeks. (To see our pregnancy announcement, please scroll down to the previous post. :-)

    Both Charles and I are amazed at how much our Baby has grown. I definitely have a little baby bump, now! :-)

    Charles was able to come to the 20 week ultrasound, which was really neat! I especially enjoyed the special moments when Charles first saw our Baby live on the ultrasound screen. The two of us greatly enjoyed spending the day with Mom Fast (who was our driver for the day and also attended the ultrasound and a tour of the birth center with us. :-)

     We were all very impressed with the hospital's birth center. The labor and delivery rooms are really nice and are quite roomy in comparison to most hospital rooms. The rooms in the birthing center come complete with a spa tub, mini refrigerator, flat screen TV complete with a DVD and CD player (one can also connect an iPod or mp3 player into it, if desired!), and (best of all) a bed for Charles. I'm so glad and relieved that he will be able to stay in the room with me and Baby for the duration of our stay! :-)

    We are also highly Blessed with a wonderful high risk maternity team. The team has experience with my heart condition (POTS), and are doing their best to help me have as smooth and natural of a labor/delivery process as possible.

    The first few months of pregnancy were challenging on my health, and I ended up not being able to do much at all (hence the delay in publishing and sharing this blog). However, now that I'm in the second trimester, I'm very Blessed to be doing quite well. I'm able to get out of bed now, and am starting to participate in some activities outside the house again (it feels wonderful!). Charles and my Sisters are performing in a concert with a local orchestra this weekend, which I'm looking forward to attending. The Baby is also wonderfully healthy and happy and spend much of last night kicking Mommy (my first night loosing sleep from Baby's kicks)! :-)

I hope that you have a very Blessed day ~

    Gloria Joy

"Thank You, Lord Jesus, for our Miracle Baby!" :-)

                                               Slideshow of Baby Ultrasound Pictures.