Sunday, October 23, 2016

Good News! :-)

Guess what?!! 
~ We're expecting a Baby!!! :-)

     We first suspected a few days ago, but took several pregnancy texts just to make sure before announcing the wonderful news. It still seems surreal that we are pregnant, but we are very excited and looking forward to meeting our new little bundle of Joy! :-) 

This new life also explains why my (Gloria's) body has been needing so much sleep and been quite hungry lately. We suspect there may be potato chip cravings in the near future. :-)
  Please keep us in prayer. We will keep you updated as things progress.
  Gloria and Charles...and Baby <3
 Bethany's new Teddy bear sure makes a great photo prop! :-) 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Welcome to our blog! :-)

Dear Family and Friends,

     Hi! We have finally decided to start a blog! Our primary reason for starting this blog is mostly as a way to keep you, our Family and Friends updated with our newlywed lives. But besides our newlywed life together, we also plan to include updates on things The Lord is teaching us, Blessings he has given, Praises and prayer requests, our Adventures together and times spent with you, our Dear Family and Friends. Several of you have also requested to hear the story of our past; how we met, and the path that led us to marriage.

     Hopefully, putting that information on this blog will provide a way to ensure that none of our Friends or Family members are accidentally left out, and each of you have the chance to hear or see it. While we have been trying to send out pictures and brief updates from adventures like our honeymoon and such, it is growing increasingly difficult to keep up with remembering which email addresses or people we may have accidentally left out, or missed sending or replying to due to the technical malfunctions that often seem to come with sending personal emails to several people all at once. With Gloria's health struggles and Charles' busy work schedule, it will be a lot easier if information is shared in one place, where it can be easily accessible to all our Friends and Family members! And who knows? ~ Maybe along this writing journey we will make some new Friends, too! :-)

    You are all very important to us, and we truly want you to feel apart of our daily life. Even though we are not always able to keep in frequent contact with all of you via individual letters, emails, and phone calls, we are still thinking of and praying for you! With every post, we look forward to including you in our life, adventures, and yes, even struggles. We are so grateful for you and the part that each of you play in our life! And, as always, we deeply need and appreciate your prayers.

     While I, Gloria, will primary be the one writing on this blog, we are certain that in many ways it will still be a collaborative effort on both our parts. :-) Please feel free to give us a comment on the blog or send us an email at ~ we love hearing from you!

     We pray that this blog will be a Blessing to all who read it.

  Gloria and Charles

P.s. We hope to share with you the story behind this blog name, Always2gether4ever soon! :-)