Thursday, May 3, 2018

Guess What?!!

It's a.....?!

Recently, Sarah hosted a lovely little gender reveal party for us. Charles and I wanted to find out the gender of the Baby together, and since he couldn't be present for the ultrasound, we thought a little gender reveal party would be fun!

 Sarah offered to host the reveal by making a lovely cake with a surprise filling. She designed the cake so that, when cut open, its filling color would reveal the gender of boy or girl. 
At the ultrasound, the technician wrote the Baby's gender on a piece of paper, and placed it in a sealed envelope, which was given to Sarah. 

The night before the reveal party, Sarah opened the envelope and made the top secret cake. 
She filled the inside of the cake with chocolate candy coated with the color......


We are so Delighted and Blessed beyond all measure!!! 

Gloria, Charles, Nathanael, and.....Baby Girl!!! <3 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Fun at The Park...

 A couple weeks ago, we spent a fun little afternoon at a local park. 

Nathanael loves our dog, Lily... He can say "Doggie," now!

 Time to head home.

Later that afternoon, we went to our favorite local pizza place...
Nathanael certainly enjoyed himself!

Daddy snapped a picture of this fun little moment with Mommy and Nathanael:
(note that this picture was taken just BEFORE Nathanel had his other words, he was still clean!) :-) 

We were Blessed with a lovely afternoon and evening together as a Family! :-)

I will be posting more photos, and am looking forward to sharing some exciting news with you all, soon!

 Gloria Joy